2006 SEC West College Football Preview

The desires are high in Alabama for mentor Mike Shula and his Crimson Tide as the surveyors have placed them in the main 10. There is no uncertainty about their ability and group speed, yet the central issue encompasses quarterback John Parker Wilson. He took a large portion of the snaps the previous spring and summer when Brodie Croyle was recouping from knee medical procedure. This time he’s taking them realizing that he’ll be the man under focus. On the off chance that he plays well the Tide could be folding into a BCS bowl.


Arkansas completed only7m 2-6 in meeting play a season prior, however the Razorbacks are trusting that they can make something happen rapidly with another play guest. first year partner mentor Gus Malzahn will call the hostile plays rather than lead trainer Houston Nutt who settled on a lot of suspect decisions a season back. Malzahn will likewise mentor the beneficiaries and you will see an additional exertion by him to get the show on the road noticeable all around with the goal that his collectors can make some huge plays. Expect large things from Marcus Monk who got 7 score passes last season. Despite the fact that things seem, by all accounts, to be going the correct way as Arkansas’ instructing staff gives off an impression of being centering their abilities better, things won’t come out possessing an aroma like roses in Malzahn’s initial demonstration. Expect only a 1 or 2 game improvement in meeting play.

Things are solid for Auburn who completed 7-1 in the troublesome SEC a year ago as they get their hotshot passer, Brandon Cox, back to manage everything. In his first season as in charge, Cox went for in excess of 2300 yards and tossed 15 scores. He’ll be stunningly better with one more year of experience added to his repertoire this season which persuades that Auburn will take the SEC.

LSU has the most profundity at quarterback in the gathering, however it will be JaMarcus Russell under focus this fall. Russell dominated 10 matches for the Tigers last season before enduring a physical issue in the SEC title game however will be on a short rope with Flynn and Perrilloux indicating that they can take care of business also. LSU will have a difficult, but not impossible task ahead to make it back to the SEC title game.

Ole Miss struggles piling toward the first class group in the SEC and it’s much harder to contend without a Manning in their group as we saw last couple seasons. It has slowed down them much further that they didn’t get the chance to have this current season’s QB, Brent Shaeffer, accepting snaps until this late spring as he needed to complete junior school. Previous Miami colleagues Werner and Kehoe will attempt to kick off the Rebels offense this prepare and demonstrate that they aren’t done for, however the cruel reality might be that Ole Miss simply doesn’t have the ability that the meeting goliaths have.

Ole Miss’ neighbor was additionally it’s twin sister last season as the two of them completed 1-7 in the SEC and 3-8 by and large. Be that as it may, Miss State improved of Ole Miss by thrashing on them 35-14 in the season finale. This season Mississippi State is set up to bring down the Rebels once a