Email Marketing and Your Business

“What is Email marketing?” you ask…and so you may! Quite surprisingly, promoting through electronic message is a practice which, while highly practical as well as helpful for organizations and businesses, is consistently left in the ‘to-do’ list…unchecked, leaving a big hole in several traffic generation plans. True Search Engine Optimization helps business owners get traction, attention as well as traffic, however e-mail campaigns augment an additional layer of engagement relating buyer and trader. Completed precisely, an email advertising promotion can change 500 site visitors a day into 5000, 50000 or more! The devil, as they say, is in the detail.  ymail login

History of Email Without delving too much into boring, specialized detail, in a very neat and snug nutshell, we can sum up the story of email as follows: there was a time when pcs were intended for the military and intelligence services, geeks and other extremely technical personnel in government. As a natural expansion of the online world, which was then more for the same technocrats, the need to leave each other letters gave birth to a method whereby people would leave notes, nothing sophisticated…just plain notepad files, in a collective folder for the rest to look at as soon as they got on the internet.

From that, came reserved shared folders where individuals might put letters meant for particular recipients… and the inbox was born… along with addresses! As the web grew, the procedure was polished and improved till the likes of Yahoo email service were on the playing field, pushing the envelope on technical innovation.

The Marriage of Marketing communications and Email With reach, comes profit… and as the email system becoming standard all over the world..clever marketers identified a different line of attack to make contact with audiences. It was, and still is, low-cost, undemanding plus awfully helpful. Hence why not envelope publicity campaigns and email them to your target audience? In a few short years, email-marketing had taken off and was in use on a regular basis creating a whole new business model for affiliate experts: Managed Email campaigns.

Today, it is not beneficial enough to send out tens of millions of emails and keep your fingers crossed that you will pick up responses or traffic as a result…campaigns ought to be professional internet based marketing exercises seamlessly integrated into your wider online marketing strategy…and even your website design choices!

Email Spam As stated above, sending out large numbers of emails to millions of recipients in a ‘shoot-in-the-dark’ fashion may sound smart and simple…but the difference may be may be classified as a spammer! Email spam has become the most irritating side-effect of a clever tool. There are millions of unsolicited emails sent to millions of end users. They vary from seemingly harmless chain mail..the “Forward this for luck” the inappropriate “Perform better” family of emails… each taking up not only inbox space, but time to deal with! The fact that someone got your email address in the first place, without your go-ahead makes it all considerably uncomfortable and dishonest.

How to market with Email Maintain a catalog of millions of opted-in recipients from specific target markets…people who are happy to take delivery of your marketing campaigns and to read your sales messages…and even click on links to see your website! In addition, your databases must contain the real names of our recipients, so your message won’t arrive with an unidentified, generic salutation. This means when talking to clients…you are talking at a personal, familiar level and are more likely to get buy-in and response…and thus, increase the chances of click through traffic.

Send out electronic mail advertising campaigns to millions and tracks responses and click through’s enabling you to view figures of how the campaign went, who responded, who visited your website, who was converted into a buyer of your services, who opted out. A complete cycle in the life of a professional sales campaign.