Personalised Christening Gifts – 5 Easy Gifts To Celebrate a Christening

The birth or Christening of a child is joyful and needs to be celebrated, an easy but thoughtful gift to give is a personalised Christening gift and here are some simple ideas to turn a Christening gift into a keepsake the child will want with them always.

A personalised photo album or a Christening photo frame is a fantastic place to start or an engraved cross photo frame if your family is more religious. Recording the baby’s first moments forever is a fantastic keepsake that can be precious to the parents as well as the new child, simply have the frame engraved with their name and birth or Christening details for a forever gift. Personalised necklace

If religion is important, then a personalised Christening bible may be a nice way to begin a spiritual life for the little one. Have a bible gold blocked with the name and Christening date and a simple bible can become something to treasure, and something for the parents to keep tokens and mementos in until the child can read for themselves.

A personalised Money Box can be a gift that will keep on giving, it will be a wonderful trinket and a safe place for family and friends to deposit money for the baby when they can. As the child grows it will also teach the valuable lessons about saving and the importance of being wise with money.

New parents especially love engraved gifts for their first baby, it’s such a wonderful thrill to have a child, so an engraved birth certificate holder may be the perfect gift for them to proudly display an important sign of a new baby’s arrival as well as keeping the certificate safe.

Christening Jewellery is one of the most precious gifts you can gift, jewellery can be a symbol of love, life, belonging as well as a religious symbol. Have a child’s expanding silver bracelet engraved with their name as a sweet baby gift that can grow as the baby grows themselves.

A guardian angel necklace is always a wonderful item to give, it may not be possible to engrave the necklace, but many online stores can engrave gift boxes, and a necklace with an angel can be worn all the child’s life.