Three Ways to Drive Lots of Prospects to Your Website Easily With a Limited Budget

Attracting prospects to your website is the single most important function to building your internet business. Let’s discuss three methods to attract prospects to your website or business. sbcglobal

1. Article Marketing:

An extremely powerful means of marketing your business is through article marketing. I personally have written 33 articles on just one article website that has generated 2800 looks, 64 clicks on my website and a conversion rate of 8%. One of my mentors has written over 350 plus articles that has lead to over 80,000 references to his name in Google. That’s powerful.

If those two examples aren’t proof enough that article marketing is powerful then I don’t know what is.
It’s free, and it produces very high conversion leads of all the traffic sources I track, so I suggest you use this strategy and use it in a big way. An article a day brings the traffic for FREE.

2. Blogging:

Blogging is not only a powerful tool to use in your prospecting efforts, but it’s a highly targeted free traffic generator as well. Blogging sets you up as an expert which lends credence to an interested prospect. Don’t expect blogging to bring you big traffic today or tomorrow, but six months down the line when you have over 100 post or so on your blog mark my words the search engines are going to be sending you some significant traffic just for you having put that content out there.

3. Social Marketing Sites:

These may be the hottest uses of “FREE” marketing right now and each and every day more and more are available to use. Once thought of as just a “personal communication” tool, these social sites are the perfect way to stay in touch with friends and prospects. I have 7 such sites that I subscribe to and the interest (emails I get) is proof positive that lots of people are looking for opportunity. Jump in. You’ve got nothing to lose but potential partners in your business.

That’s proof enough for me.

In closing, the last thing to say is this, don’t think about using just one of these methods use them all together and you’ll soon not only have high quality targeted free traffic and leads coming your way, but you’ll find you have an ever growing marketing budget to go along with it.